Awaiting Sunset


A small (ish) poem I whipped up one night whilst waiting for the sunset! 

Time appears to slowly tick
toward the midnight hour
each tick is
a moment
closer to sunset.

Light appears to quickly fade
forever disappearing
into the new horizon.

Gentle breezes waft
as birds find their way home,
All animals respecting
the curfew of the sunset.

Clouds remain
ordinarily blue-grey,
As all animals await
the sunset.

At last!
Fingers of gold
burn through cloud
signalling the end of today.

Reds and ambers and oranges
caress all that stretch before it,

Silence falls,
Announcing the period of rest
highlighting the inevitability of tomorrow.

the fingers wave
leaving all animals
in the company
of Darkness.

Now all there is to wait for is


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