Midas and Morgan and Maecenas


I have begun reading the Great Gatsby and came across the list of three on page 5

Midas and Morgan and Maecenas

So who are these three M’s?

King Midas

King of modern day Turkey (Phrygia), he took in a Satyr (half human half goat) and helped him. This pleased Dionysus and the god of the grape harvest who gave into Midas wish to have the Golden touch. Sure, it made him wealthy, but it also meant he couldn’t eat or drink anything, and even turned his beloved daughter to gold. He returned his wish by washing in the River Pactolus to rid him of this travesty.

J.P. Morgan

He was an American financier, banker and art collector who overall proved to be a very successful and wealthy businessman. He merged companies to form both General Electric and the United States Steel Corporation must prominently. However, he wasn’t always successful as he had three failures in investment. This included Tesla and Wardenclyffe wasting $150,000, failed to compete in the London Subways and also most notably the International Mercantile Marine Company, who absolved some of the major US and UK shipping lines. One line just so happened to be the White Start Line who owned the RMS Titanic…This caused massive financial damage as the company had to apply for Bankruptcy protection in 1915. WW1 seemed to save the company before it went bankrupt in 1986. Yet again, so much promise and success, but ultimately failure.

Gaius Maecenas

He was an ally, friend and political advisor to Octavian. His name has become a byword for a wealthy, generous and enlightened patron of the arts.


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