Revision morning 21/06/2016

Finally have started some active revision to finish off Year 12, into Year 13.

Using mindmaps which you can find

Trying to recall as much as I can for Classics…here’s what I’ve missed out so far….


Worst time to live in Rome

  • Catiline falls fighting Roman Legion in 63BC
  • 51 years of life,  29 war, 16 civil
  • Riots paralysed government
  • Murders and exile. Proscriptions in 41/2
  • Caesar was assassinated on the Ides of March 44BC
  • Craploads of civil wars

Need for literature

  • Augustus encouraged this
  • Keep Roman style, add contemporary issues to deal with crap times. Don’t lose ground of predecessors

Audience reaction

  • Medieval-Christian values
  • Renaissance- model of form and narrative technique
  • Roman- shows Rome as Patriotic nation, expression of its greatness
  • 19th  Century- appreciate pathos, sadness of Virgil’s accounts of brooding sorrow


  • Publius Virgilius Maro
  • Born in small town near Mantua- given citizenship when he was 21 by Caesar
  • Died of fever
  • Education at Cremona nd Rome
  • Took no part in political or military
  • Accepted in literary court circle under patron, Maecenas


  • Ecologues/Bucolics, based on Greek Theocritus
  • Georgics- didatic poem on agriulcture

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