Puerto Rican Soccer Project

Found an interesting article about Puerto Rican football. I will be reading it and making notes: https://medium.com/crossbar-soccer/the-puerto-rican-soccer-project-an-introduction-fc7cf598bb33#.9nnkby48b

  • Puerto Rico is a commonwealth of the United States
  • is a member association of FIFA due to its political status falling somewhere between independent nation and U.S. territory
  • Puerto Rican people view themselves as connected politically to the U.S.
  • language is Spanish
  • music is salsa and reggaeton
  • 9 million peoples
  •  massive debt crisis brought on by wasteful spending and corruption on the part of the commonwealth’s government, mismanagement of the island by the United States government, and a fleeing business sector as a result

Puerto Rico Islanders

  • based in Bayamón
  • played in the United Soccer League (USL) from 2003–2010, then the North American Soccer League (NASL) from 2010–2012
  • financed by an ownership group led by Carmelo Anthony

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