Thetis- A Character Profile

Thetis- A Character Profile

  • Assists Achilles
    • B18 L68: Achilles mourning, Thetis brings her Nereids to mourn: she takes her son’s head in her hands like she is mourning for him
    • B24 L128: She encourages Achilles to stop mourning and to enjoy the pleasures of life: like sex, rather than moping around
  • Fetches Shield+ armour
    • B18 L146: Thetis goes to fetch Achilles armour from Hephaestus
  • Predicts Achilles’ death
    • B18 L 95: Thetis tells Achilles he is doomed to die after Hector
  • Keeps Achilles informed
    • B18 L9: Achilles say that Thetis told him that the best of the Myrmidons would fall to the Trojans
    • B24 L562: Achilles tells Priam not to push him to give Hector back: his mother has told him that he must do it.
  • Marriage to mortal Peleus
    • B18 L432: Bemoans her marriage to mortal Peleus: she has to “endure it” whilst old age crushes him
    • B24 L60: Hera moans about how she brought up Achilles by giving Thetis to Peleus…
  • Protected Dionysus
    • B6 L136: Story of Diomedes when he meets Glaucus: how Thetis has to save Dionysus from Lycurgus who was murdering his nurses
  • Saves Hephaestus
    • b18 l398: Thetis saves Hephaestus after he was thrown as a cripple into the sea by Hera
  • Unhappiness in child bearing
    • b18 l54: bemoans raising mighty hero, only to be killed…but resolutely goes to console Achilles
      • 432: at the futility of Thetis and her actions: Achilles has to suffer and he will ultimately die
    • b24 l85: Iris goes down to find Thetis: still mourning for her son: instructs her to see Zeus immediately, which she does.

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