Which Ancient Comedy Play would have appealed most to its audience?


Which play would have appealed most to its ancient audience

Definition: by appealing: visually in terms of a spectacle. Satire and targeting. Humour: verbal, transgressive, situational.

Arguably Plautus and Aristophanes big names in their time and both appealing to their audiences with differing audiences and therefore needs. But Clouds perhaps too serious: finishing last. Sometimes too much repetition in Brothers Menaechmi’s in the humour? Satire belonged to Aristophanes. Visually, Aristophanes extravagant: but Lysistrata?? But Roman comedy didn’t want such extravagance: everyday man comedy

Visual spectacle: Clouds are SPN: WOW factor, esp. with build up with voices off stage. Lysistrata less so: old men and women: ALTHOUGH use of body suits. However, BM and SS far less: bc of no chorus. Yet visual and costume imp: Sosicles rakish garland, use of gown. In SS: Slapstick

Satire: Cleon in parabasis clouds- mocking audience, too much? Lysistrata attacks Alcibiades: Sicilian Exped 413. BM and SS no satire on public figures: instead general vices of society. E.g. swaggering soldier: satirising arrogant people like caricature of Pyrgopolynices. Brothers Menaechmus, satirising the clever/deceptive people??


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