The Aeneid as a Commentary on Augustus

W.U Hstry

The Aeneid is the major work attributed to the poet Virgil, and is widely considered as a valuable source to people wanting to study the Romans and their literature. Personally, I find it to be mostly a re-interpretation of Homer’s works, without Homer’s ability for creating characters.

However, this post is not about me questioning Virgil´s work, as much as I enjoy doing that. This is an analysis of the Aeneid and the extent to which it can be taken as a commentary on Augustus’ reign. Bearing in mind that it was commissioned by Augustus, you can expect it to be quite favourable towards him. But, Virgil wanted it burned on his death. So, can we draw links between the epic and the reign of Augustus? And how favourable are they?

A clear note of propaganda, a reminder of the official purpose of the epic, can be found in Book…

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