Oliver Cromwell by David Horspool review – Britain’s chance to be a republic

The controversial inclusion of Oliver Cromwell in the Penguin Monarchs series will doubtless elicit a few tuts of disapproval from royalists. What is Cromwell doing – as David Horspool concedes, “even in square brackets” – in a list of kings and queens that runs from Athelstan to Elizabeth II? Monarchy is, however, a slippery concept and not to be crudely equated with kingly titles or the blue blood that Cromwell conspicuously lacked. Strictly speaking, Horspool reminds pedants, monarchy means a sole ruler, not necessarily the holder of a royal title. Today, the Trump presidency more closely approximates to monarchical rule than the highly circumscribed position of the British Queen.

Really interesting read about Cromwell in FULL, here:



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