The way that language is used in the worlds create: Aqa english literature b ppt

Extract from powerpoint focusing on the element of language used…a04.

Also focuses on Hosseinia and Blake.

click link below:

The way that language shapes worlds created

  • Change?

“This pens all I have of magic wand.
I know this world’s so torn but want no other
except for dad who’d hoped from ‘the beyond’
a better life than this one,
with my mother”  ‘v’, pg. 219

  • L1 Harrison self-referential: his language suggests that a pen, or social protest writing is a way of changing worlds
  • Use of vivid imagery in the word “torn”. Creates an image of a dilapidated state, through an action, makes the political idea from an pragmatic everyday action. E.g. tearing paper. Also, links back to social divisions: how the world is ‘torn’ and divided into segregated groups.
  • Conflicting meanings shaped by Harrison’s second line: almost as if he himself is torn between wanting social change, but at the same time maintaining unique cultures, family environments etc.
  • Lots of ambiguity: less similar to rest of ‘v’. Does the pen represents protest, or Harrison’s socio-economic background and education, with social mobility, unlike his father, the Baker who hoped for a better life?

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