How far would you agree that fantasy is more important as a source of humour in Clouds than in Lysistrata?

Clouds vs Lysistrata

Visual: old men and women vs Clouds: men dressed as women dressed as clouds. More fantastical funny bc these clouds are said to change shape into Cleonymus and Cleon

Verbal: mock tragic: cinesias’ fantastical tones “poor orphan prick”. Women use it whilst discussing planning etc. clouds: fantast

Situational: women overcoming the men…”I’ll rip your teeth out” vs old man going back to school

This question is inviting you to consider what other types of humour are used and their relative importance to each play

Argue that Lysistrata more fantastical in nature than Clouds…women suddenly coming of this sphere…plus all the sexual innuendo and stereotype that revolves around this fantasy.



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