Short Termism vs Longpath

Keywords: short term, long term

If we as humans are to progress and to solve long-term problems, we have to work inter-generationally. Capitalism has become a system that only thrives on short-term goals, even if that is 3-5year plans. No. Our plans have to become much longer.

But, what if we don’t want this big long term goal? What’s in it for us? Yes okay saving the world, making it a better place, more fair etc. But, is the world growing much fairer? Arguably the rich grow richer, the poor poorer, despite living standards being higher.

When we lived in tribes etc, was there any long term goal? The only goal was survival. Now we have to set all these dreams, goals, targets to give ourselves a sense of meaning. Because survival is no longer hard. At least, not for the minority of this impoverished world.

There always seems to be the need for glory or greatness, to hand something down a line. What is the fascination with this? Why does it matter that when you decompose and cease to exist that somebody knows your name, your theory, your book? Is this all vanity? Do we need this longpath thinking then? “To what end”. Indeed, to what end? Do we exist to help others? What is the point of living for ones self?

Maybe there needs to be a middle path. Living in the moment. Neither short term nor long term. Just enjoying each moment. Taking each decision as it comes. Or maybe, this is still short-termism? But, when we are in the moment, in the state of flow, we are most distracted from the world and the passing of time. Such moment could even help contribute to long-termism perhaps.

Perspective. How should we set it?


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