Book Review: Crisis Frank Gardner

Reading this novel in the turmoil that Britain is currently experiencing is quite terrifying indeed. Yet, with Gardner’s insight into the behind the scenes in domestic and international security, there is some reassurance also.

Gardner creates some good characters, many flat ones that are evil drug lords or hostage takers. There is still some sympathy reserved for the so-called villains, which upholds the value of the novel without making it into a too-simple narrative.

The plot revolves around a dirty bomb in London. So yes, very topical. Scarily topical. It is a simple enough plot line, with some twists and turns on the way.

Particularly like how he has included definitions of the jargon used by special forces etc but embeds this within the writing. At times this is a little farcical…I mean, why would someone sitting with all the top security chiefs suddenly ask the definition of a term? But it serves a purpose to keep the reader in the loop and not bored off by many terms.

On the whole, entertaining, insightful and an accessible read.


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