More OCR Classical Civilisation Comic Drama Past Papers

Using pages 106-8, discuss the claim that Peniculus contributes little to the success of the Brothers Menaechmus (25)

(using penguin classics by Watling) (if you don’t have this translation: it’s the part where menaechmus first enters, followed by the interchange between him and Peniculus, ending at the part where Menaechmus asks him to smell the dress.

How similar is the portrayal of Messenio (in Brothers Menaechmus) to the portrayal of Palaestrio (in Swaggering Soldier)? 25

Throughout Lysistrata/Clouds/Brothers Menaechmus/Swaggering Soldier, character X is portrayed as (insert character trait here) whilst Character Y is also portrayed as (insert character trait here) (25)

Brothers menaechmus and swaggering soldier might be funnier than Clouds/Lysistrata, even if they are harder to understand (or vice versa) 50

How far would you agree that fantasy is more important as a source of humour in Clouds than in Lysistrata? (25)