Pub Thoughts

Give respect where it is due, return disrespect when faced with it. Story of stealing from the local fruit…where the young lads would leave the pub, steal fruit and then have a fruit fight down the local park. Many generations have lost their ability to hunt. We are no longer becoming survivalists.   Advertisements

The Secret Agent by Joseph Conrad: Book Review

The Secret Agent: Book Review  Joseph Conrad Initially, I had to adapt to the style of Conrad and eventually learned to enjoy his style. Indeed, there is much to commend, especially in the Secret Agent. This particularly pertains to the pace and intensity of the novel, which begins in a rather pedestrian manner, before a … More The Secret Agent by Joseph Conrad: Book Review

How to not give a F*ck

BE OBJECTIVE Detach oneself from both praise and criticism: story of the singing bird. One man compliments the bird…but the bird just says, I’m just singing, doing my thing. Another man walks by and lambastes the bird. The bird replies with very much the same. I’m doing my thing. JUST DO YOU.

Book Review: All The Tea In China: Bonfiglioli

A fantastic read. In fact, one of the best reads I’ve had for a long while. This is my first encounter with the style of Bonfiglioli and absolutely loved his voice and narration throughout the novel. The humour is fantastic and sometimes completely absurd. This story provides a fantastic adventure from London to China and back. … More Book Review: All The Tea In China: Bonfiglioli